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Our products 

Idle Roller Coaster

Become a Theme Park Tycoon

Own the funniest amusement park in the world! Welcome your clients with all kinds of fun activities.

Idle Water Slide

Build the best water slides !

Build the coolest water amusement park in the world!

Idle Racing Tycoon

Manage Your Car Racing Inc

Build your racing circuit.
Recruit visitors, upgrade the track and unlock facilities.
Built the most interesting racing circuit.

Idle Police & Thief

Try funny Idle Game

Want to try a different game of cops catching thieves?
Send your police, catch the criminals, put them in your prison.
Earn resources for you and use them to grow your prison.
Let the criminals in the city have nowhere to hide.

Idle Assemble Car

How is the car assembled?

Unique idle game.
Watch the fun assembly process.

Manage your production line, expand the scale and make all kinds of vehicles.

Idle Shopping Street

Manage Tiny Business Empire

Are you ready to manage a great shopping street?
Start with a tiny shop and turn it into a shopping street business. 
Build all kinds of shops. Let the customers cost their money!!

Idle Race

Beat them into the water

Beat tourists into the water is your main task.
Upgrade your equipment and use all kinds of props to satisfy customers.
Do a good job in publicity and attract more guests.
You can also open many branches and experience the customs of different regions.

Idle Boxing Training

Knockout powerful punch

Break the walls and train your strength.
Achieve a higher level of boxing.

Idle Forge Craft

Become a blacksmith tycoon

Do you know how to forge a sword?
Start forging your first sword and run your blacksmith shop.
Employ workers to forge various swords and attract customers to increase the flow of people.
Improve the quality of the sword and sell it at a higher price.
Finally, you will own a large blacksmith shop.

Idle Bungee Tycoon

Fun game of crazy impact

A new extreme sport has come to the playground
Don't do anything. Just jump down with your eyes closed.
You can buy equipment, upgrade the surrounding environment, increase ticket prices, and make money more efficient!


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